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About me

The Dutchbutler

High-quality service has played a prominent role my entire life. Until recently I worked as an independent consultant with reference to business administration software. In 2017 I changed course to follow the butler training at the School for Butlers and Hospitality in Belgium. During this training my standard for quality was answered and I was able to express my pursuit of perfection with all my pleasure.

After this training, recognized by the British City & Guilds, I can call myself a qualified and well-trained professional chief butler. I am reliable, loyal and always discreet.

I was born and raised in 1962 in The Hague, where I live with my lovely wife. The daughters study and live on their own.

The Dutchbutler, the authentic butler of the 21st century

The authentic butler of the 21st century esteems the original tradition important and valuable, but can translate it to the modern time. He is discreet, loyal, modest and has the necessary butler humor.

The contemporary butler knows what is going on and anticipates the wishes of his principal or client. The wishes are respected and executed beforehand in silence in such a way that you can almost speak of invisibility.

The skills of the Dutchbutler

  • CPR and AED (Certificate Red Cross)

  • Company Emergency Response Officer, C.E.R. (Certified)

  • Domestic management

  • Household management

  • Table services

  • Management of domestic staff

  • Personal safety

  • F&B management

  • Organize events

  • Operational safety

  • Travel preparation

  • Etiquette & Protocol

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